Questions To Ask Your DUI Lawyer

After your preliminary research study is done, you will then have to think about each lawyer’s certifications to make the very best choice. You will wish to find out the lawyer’s educational background, what locations they focus on, and do they have a good standing and a solid reputation with their state bar. ¬†You want to prepare a solid list of questions for your potential legal representative. Here are some that may help you uncover more information about your attorney.

Important Questions For Your DUI Attorney

  • Do you focus your practice on drunk driving defense, or do you practice in other areas of law.

    • This is one area where you want to have a dedicated DUI defense lawyer. Working with an attorney that handles real estate law, patents, copyrights and trademarks, tax law, and DUI is probably not the best choice. You want an attorney who is committed to working only on DUI so they understand the complexity of the law and can implement a strategy that will provide you with the best outcome.
  • Can you tell me how many DUI cases you have won in the last year?

    • If your attorney has no real track record to speak of, it makes it challenging to understand how good or bad this attorney really is. It is fair to take into account that you may have a new attorney who is new to their particular firm, but if you are dealing with a lawyer that has been practicing DUI law for 8 years, and hasn’t had a victory in the court of law in the last several months, it may be time to look for another. Have them show you proof of victories.
  • If I were to hire you, will you personally be handling my case?

    • You don’t want to do all of your research and find an attorney that you think will win your case, only to deal with an associate for the entire process. You want to be certain that the attorney you hired, with all of the accolades and accomplishments is the same one that will be sitting next to you in front of a judge and or jury.
  • Do you have any training in field sobriety testing?walk_line

    • If you are attempting to fight your DUI arrest, it would make sense to have an attorney that can battle the police in the court of law. There are mistakes that can happen when a breathalyzer is administered, and you want the expert who can pinpoint what went wrong, and why the readings should not be allowed to be used as evidence. If the arrest is made because you blew a .09 when arrested, but that information cannot be used in the trial, the chances of you getting a reduced sentence drastically improve.
  • Can you provide a list of certifications that you have in DUI Defense?

    • Have you gone to school, taken any classes, or done anything to prove to your clients that you are more than qualified to represent me. If you attorney has been practicing for years but hasn’t taken any continuing education classes, that may be a sign that your attorney may not be as qualified as first thought.
  • What percentage of your cases go to court compared to a plea agreement?

    • If you plan on fighting for your rights and your freedom, but your attorney is more inclined to arrange a plea agreement, this may not be the best attorney for you. If you plan to fight, you want to see that your attorney has a ton of trial experience and is willing to stand in front of a jury or the judge to fight your case.
  • What rates will I be charged? Do you base your fees on hourly or on the entire case?

    • Some attorneys charge by the hours, and others offer a flat fee for your defense. If you are going to be bringing in expert witnesses and plan on having a longer court case, you may want to work with an attorney that offers a flat fee. This is an important question because you truly do want to get the most value for your dollar.
  • What do you consider to be the best possible outcome for my case?

    • You are not looking for a prediction here, just what are the chances that I can walk away from this problem with an acquittal or PBJ. The follow up question that is important here is….”Do you think this is a realistic outcome or verdict?”
  • What would you believe to be the worst case scenario in my drunk driving case?handcuffs

    • The purpose is not to scare the life out of you here, but you should find out what is the worst possible outcome for your drunk driving arrest. If you are expecting to pay a large fine and do some community service, and your attorney tells you that you may have to go to jail for 30 days, then this is something you need to know. If you don’t ask the right questions, you may not really know what the possible outcomes are going to be.
  • How will we communicate throughout this process? Email, phone calls, in-person?

    • If you are a person that prefers to communicate over the phone, but your attorney is more of an email person, then you may have a communication problem throughout the process. The goal is to eliminate any communication problems that may occur throughout your court case, and the easiest way to do this is to uncover this information up front.

This list of questions is a very strong start of what questions you should ask your DUI lawyer. If you think of others in your research, be sure to write them down and ask. You won’t know the answers to those questions that you neglect to ask.