Meeting Your DUI Attorney In Person

An in-person consultation will assist you choose which attorney you feel most comfortable with and have the most self-confidence in. In most cases, a drunk driving attorney will provide a free-initial consultation to discover more about your case.  Body language can often speak volumes when it comes to meeting with your attorney for the first time, and it may help answer some questions that you were unable to find on the web search.  Below we have given you some ideas on what to look for in your one-on-one consultation with your potential attorney.

Be upfront about all the truths of your case:

Now is not the time to be shy. Provide your prospective attorney with all the facts of the case, so he can provide you the best recommendations on ways to continue. Let the attorney determine what is very important and appropriate to your case and defense. You do not want to end up in a scenario where your attorney is finding out more detailed facts about your arrest in court or in front of a judge.  You want your drunk driving attorney to be as prepared as possible, and the facts are going to allow him to do so.

Bring all DUI related documents:

The attorney will wish to see what violations of the code of law you are being charged with or in violation of.  You don’t want to assume that your legal representative understands all of the information about your case. You will likely hear from your attorney that each case is unique, and this absolutely holds true.  Information such as the authorities report, DMV letters and all other files connected to the DUI should be presented to the attorney.


Speak with a lawyer about his experience:

By now you have currently examined the attorney’s website, or you might understand about him from your pal or colleague. You will want to ask the attorney to discuss his success rate, how many cases he has brought to trial, the number of he has gotten dismissed, and the number of DUI cases has managed.

You want to be cautious of an attorney who is willing to guarantee a certain outcome of your trial.  Anything can happen, and a guarantee is not an assurance he or she can truly provide.  If your attorney is so blunt to provide you a guarantee, ask for it in writing and have him or her be willing to provide representation free of charge if they don’t achieve this outcome.

Discover who will be handling your case:

The lawyer you meet with might not be the one who ultimately manages your case. At larger firms, the lawyer who meets with you at your initial seek advice from might be a senior attorney and even a partner; however, a younger partner may wind up handling your case. While this prevails, you will want to meet the lawyer handling your case, so you evaluate whether you feel comfortable with them. Likewise, discover who will represent you in court as this may also change.

Clear strategy:

It is necessary that after your assessment you walk away with an understanding of the attorney’s strategy to managing your case. The attorney should offer you with a precise technique evidencing the lawyer’s experience in dealing with DUI cases.

Bring a pen and paper to the assessment:

While this may appear apparent, it is frequently ignored. You will exist with a lot of details during your consultation that you will wish to keep an eye on. Since you are ideally satisfying more than one attorney throughout your search, you will have to remember what each lawyer advised.