Going to Court for DUI without a Lawyer

If you have been arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, you should act quickly and prepare your defense. DUI cases are rarely dropped, so even if this is your first offense, the best thing you can hope for is to reduce your charges and penalties. In order to properly fight your charges, you should hire a qualified DUI lawyer. It is also possible to represent yourself, but going to court for DUI without a lawyer is not recommendable. If you are thinking about going to court and fighting a drinking and driving arrest in New Jersey without hiring a lawyer to help you, read on to learn your real chances of beating a DUI.

Lack of Expertise of Local Laws and Regulations

The first thing you should know about drunk driving charges is that these cases are not as simple as they may seem at first glance. Even the police may have incriminating evidence against you, it is possible to reduce your penalties, and in rare cases, even have your charges dropped. All evidence gathered against you should be carefully examined. Since you don’t have any legal experience, it is impossible to do this on your own, and possibly challenge the

evidence if you notice certain mistakes. For example, a DUI lawyer can notice that the arresting officer made a mistake administering your tests which may result in completely disproving the results of these tests in court. In some cases, it possible to prove that the breathalyzer device the arresting officer used to determine your BAC level was faulty.

If you are not sure whether or not you should hire an attorney to assist you, don’t forget that apart from offering you years of experience and expertise of working within the court system, local prosecutors and judges, every DUI attorney may also help you challenge the evidence by evaluating the original traffic stop, as well as the procedures for testing and filing of charges. A qualified DUI law office can question the efficacy of the testing equipment and provide expert witnesses to refute your charges.

Maximum Penalties

If you don’t have an attorney by your side, you won’t be able to explore your options and challenge the evidence they have against you. Therefore, you are automatically much closer to the maximum penalty. This means you may end up spending six months in jail instead only one, your driver’s license will be suspended for a

year rather than six months, and lastly, you will have to pay a lot of hefty fines (along with the court expenses). Apart from the mentioned penalties, you may also face probation, mandatory alcohol and drug counseling, community service, increased auto insurance rates and much more.

As you can see, DUI penalties are very strict and they can have a long lasting effect on every aspect of your life. It is of utmost importance to work with an experienced law firm that can help you limit the consequences of a DUI conviction. If you hire an expert to assist you, you will save your money, reduce your sentence and retain your driving privileges in the shortest amount of time. In order to handle a drunk driving charge efficiently, you require aggressive defense that can only be provided by the best local drunk driving attorneys.