Florida Drunk Driving Penalties

Drinking alcohol and driving your vehicle considerably enhance your opportunity of being in an accident. If you are pulled for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will be required to step out of your vehicle, and likely to perform a field sobriety test. In addition, a BAC ( blood alcohol concentration) test will be taken in the police station to determine if you are over the legal limit to operate your motor vehicle.

Florida has the Implied Approval Law

When you authorize your motorist’s certificate, you have accepted take these tests after demand. If you refuse to take any one of these tests, for the first time, it will lead to an immediate suspension for one year.

A 2nd rejection will certainly result in an 18-month suspension. BAC for a DUI in Florida: BAC in Florida

* Under the age of 21 – .02%.

* Age of 21 or older – .08%.

* If the driver has a commercial license – .04%


When refused to take the examination.

* 1st Offense-1 year license suspension.

* 2d Offense-18 month permit suspension.

* 3rd Offense-18 month permit suspension.

The minimum jail time for DWI is as follows.

* 1st Infraction -No minimum prison term.

* 2nd Offense-10 day’s jail.

* 3rd Violation- One Month’s jail.

Recall Duration: This look back period is five years momentarily offense, ten years for a 3rd violation. The period that prior Drunk drivings matter for sentencing; this is additionally called a washout duration.

Beg to a lower infraction: In some scenarios, a plea deal of damp reckless could be accepted by the prosecution in Florida. A wet reckless, or a conviction of careless driving entailing alcohol, is typically made as a result of a plea deal where a fee of driving while intoxicated is reduced to an instance of reckless driving.

A plea bargain of wet negligent might be permitted, when the quantity of alcohol is borderline illegal, i.e. there was no mishap, as well as the offender, has no previous record. However, if there is a succeeding drunk driving sentence, the wet reckless is usually taken into consideration a prior driving while intoxicated conviction; the resulting sentence can be just what’s needed momentarily DUI/DWI conviction. If you get caught in such a situation, it’s best aiming to make an appeal for a damp negligent; all you’ll require is the help of a legal representative.

1st Florida Drunk Driving Infraction: Generally the very first offense, will provide an excellent lesson to intoxicated drivers. Several of the offenses are as complies with, First Drunk Driving Conviction, BAL = Blood Alcohol Degree.

* Jail– 6 Months Maximum if BAL is from .08 to fewer than .15.

* Prison– 9 Months Maximum if BAL is above .15.

* Penalty– From $500 to $1,000 if BAL is from .08 to fewer than .15.

* Fine– From $1,000 to $2,000 if BAL is above .15 or a minor is in the automobile

* License Suspension — Suspended from 180 Days to 1 Year.

* Hardship Reinstatement– Drunk Driving School is required prior to the application

* Ignition Interlock Gadget– As much as 6 Months i.e. Hardship Reinstatement BAL above .15.

* Social work Fine– $10 for each and every Hour of Community Service Required.

* Community Service– 50 Hrs

* Treatment Program May Be Permitted as opposed to Imprisonment

* Car Impound– 10 Days


Ignition Interlock: Florida regulation mandates that any driver convicted of a second DUI has an Ignition Interlock device installed in their car. Then the judge might order an Interlock installed on initial sentences relying on situations. Drinking and driving crashes and fatalities rise daily;  therefore, the charges in Florida are extremely tight. If you consume and drive the outcome could be:

* Prison time.

* Loss of your Florida vehicle driver’s permit.

* Hefty fines.

* A lot greater car insurance prices.


A sentence will stay on your Florida driving document for 75 years. So thinking that a highly experienced DUI attorney in Florida will be able to help you walk away from the charges may be wishful thinking.

No Tolerance for Vehicle drivers under 21: This indicates that any vehicle driver under 21 caught by police, as well as having a blood alcohol level of .02 or more than that will instantly have their Florida motorist’s certificate put on hold for six months.

The .02 restriction indicates that you cannot have a solitary beverage and also drive. For motorists over 21, the legal limit in Florida is .08. Despite your age know that drinking, as well as driving, is taken into consideration a serious crime.

Florida Penalties for DUI First Sentence:.

* Penalty– $250 to $500.

* Social work– 50 Hrs.

* Probation– Less than 1 Year.

* Imprisonment– Not more than 6 Months.

* Jail time with BAL of .08 or greater with a minor in the automobile, not more than nine months.

* Certificate Abrogation– Minimum of 180 days

* Drunk Driving Institution– 12 Hours.

If you have been accused and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Florida, you should take the charges very seriously and look to hire an attorney that gives you the best opportunity to reduce your sentence, fines, and possible jail time.