Where To Find DUI Lawyer Reviews

Before you decide on which attorney is going to be best to represent you for your drunk driving arrest, you may want to prepare a list of qualified candidates. With a drunk driving arrest on your record, you may be limited to driving privileges, an increase in your insurance cost, and costly legal fees. Before you agree to work with an attorney, do some due-diligence and research your attorney online. The time will be well spent and provide you with a qualified list of lawyers to choose from. When dealing with a DUI, here are a few resources you can check out when looking for a DUI lawyer.

The National College of DUI Defense: This may be the most comprehensive list of attorneys offers a searchable directory site of attorneys that concentrate on DUI defense.

AVVO: Avvo provides a nice advantage to our resources online as it will give you attorney ratings in their field on a scale of 1 to 10. One of the downsides to this service is while they do provide some very accurate information, they also offer a paid feature for attorneys to have their information listed in prominent areas. Unfortunately for the consumer, they may find an attorney that may not be as qualified but was willing to pay a bit more money to have their information listed higher on the website.

The State Bar Association in your state:

The State Bar Association in your home state is another good place to find prospective DUI attorneys. You will be able to narrow your search to specific counties and possibly even cities.justice

Some other sites that we have found in our research:




Also, there are some websites with lawyer directories and defender scores that are also practical. A lawyer that has a variety of peer recommendations is a great indication. An attorney with peer evaluations that give insight into what type of lawyer they are is even much better.  A simple Google search should give you a list of qualified attorneys in your area, but you want to proceed with caution. The ability to manipulate Google by some organizations will provide search results that are not always accurate. Don’t skimp on the research phase of your DUI defense and choose the top listings without doing a more thorough investigation. This time is well spent and will provide you with a solid base of attorneys to choose from.  We have done research on some of the best DUI attorneys according to Google Reviews we have found in each state. We will be updating our Best DUI Attorney listings in the future.
Once you have put an initial list of attorneys together, you can describe each lawyer’s site or contact them straight to find out more about them.